The Dance Time with Friends, Inc. (DTWF) dance studio, which is owned and operated by Ed and Luming de la Cruz, is located at 8800-A Dempster Plaza, W. Dempster St., Niles, IL.  When students walk in the well-decorated and spacious dance studio – 2400sq.ft. of wooden floors, mirrored walls, and high ceilings – they are welcomed with warm smiles.  The environment is friendly, supportive, and professional.

Ed and Luming wanted a dance studio that truly represents the main objective of quality and finesse in social dancing and ultimately for their students to develop self-confidence when they set foot on the dance floor.  Ed and Luming have studied privately with renowned World Champion Nadia Eftedal and U.S. dance champions, such as Ron Montez, Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova, Brian and Susan Puttock, David and Carrie Kloss, Victor and Heather Smith-Veyrasset, and Chris Morris.  To continue validating their dancing skills and techniques, Ed and Luming, sought the coaching expertise of Teresa Shiry, a well-known national dance champion based in Torrance, California.  In addition to the Ballroom and Latin dancing coaches, they also studied under world renowned Argentine Tango Masters Diego Di Falco, Carolina Zokalski, and Florencia Taccetti. Ed and Luming continue to learn from the best dancers in the world and love sharing the knowledge and skill gained with all their students. 

Ed and Luming started dancing later in life and as a secondary profession, but this allows them to relate to new students as they strive to learn how to dance.  To the delight of their students, Ed and Luming have a caring and supportive attitude, not at all critical of mistakes or when students are slow to learn -- most of all, they are very patient.  Ed and Luming want to share not only their knowledge of dancing, but the joy dancing can bring. Dancing is not about memorizing steps, it's about dancing to know oneself, to connect with your partner, and together for that moment creating something so beautiful for everyone to see.

Ed and Luming, as well as their topnotch students are frequently invited to perform at various social and civic functions.  Some of their performances have been featured on the Fil-Am TV show, WOCH Channel 28.  

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